Headquarters:West Melbourne, Florida

Company Structure: C Corp
Small Business Status: Small Business
Security: Capable of performing DoD and SCI programs

DUNS: 161706866
NAICS Codes: Primary:  541712, Alternates:  541330, 541511, 541512
Cage Code: 08WK6

System and software engineering services for the design and development of command, control, tasking, and monitoring of multiple space vehicles simultaneously.

Integration and test engineering efforts in design and development of all command and telemetry processing, test hardware specific interfaces, and test procedures required from box to system to complete spacecraft testing. Flight software development on multiple spacecraft projects for both the system bus and application specific payloads. Complete flight software systems and libraries to enable rapid prototyping and reuse of common software tools and practices. Ported and flew COTS 32 bit micro and VxWorks RTOS in space.

Currently supporting the development of wide area networks utilizing ATM and other high speed technology.

Design, development and field installations of real-time embedded systems to the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division of NRL for a suite of radar monitoring and measuring systems.

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