Our focus is to provide our customers with practical state of the art solutions to complex communications, command, control and intelligence systems. We currently provide engineering services to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in support of: spacecraft design, development, integration, and test; satellite pre-launch, launch and mission operations; network design, development, and administration; and terrestrial observation applications for naval field units.

Ground Station Applications

System and software engineering services for the design and development of command, control, tasking, and monitoring of multiple space vehicles simultaneously. SGSS maintains and enhances command & control software currently used in U.S. Navy ground systems around the world that support more than 20 on-orbit satellites.

Ground System Features:

  • Infrastructure supports any system design
  • Provides a reusable base to assist Mission Unique Software development
  • Functionality reduces amount of Mission Unique Software required
  • Significantly reduces operation and maintenance costs
  • Applicable to full spacecraft life cycle

Flight Applications

Integration and test engineering efforts in design and development of all command and telemetry processing, test hardware specific interfaces, and test procedures required from box to system to complete spacecraft testing. Flight software development on multiple spacecraft projects for both the system bus and application specific payloads. Complete flight software systems and libraries to enable rapid prototyping and reuse of common software tools and practices. Ported and flew COTS 32 bit micro and VxWorks RTOS in space.

Satellites Supported for Flight and Integration & Test:

  • Interim Control Module (ICM) – International Space Station
  • Clementine – Moon mapping
  • Naval EarthMap Observer (NEMO) – Hyperspectral passive imagery
  • WindSat – Polar metric microwave radiometer
  • Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer (FAME)
  • TACSAT – series of DoD low-cost, operationally relevant space assets
  • UpperStage – MiTEx Program
  • Numerous national programs

Network Applications

Currently supporting the development of wide area networks utilizing ATM and other high speed technology. The current ATM network supports the national programs and connects the laboratory and field site into a high speed wide area network which is being used for satellite downlink data, multiple sensor data, video conferencing to the desk top, multiple access to central and distributive databases/file systems, remote sensor testing, acquisition, control and real-time collaborative interaction. By working with vendors and providing feedback by expertise in using the leading edge technology, we bring technical solutions to the users and government agencies’ high bandwidth needs.

  • Providing the key systems engineers for the design, development and implementation of various high speed WANs.
  • This technology will continue to proliferate over the next several years, as more users require higher speed data over larger networks.

Terrestrial Observation

Design, development and field installations of real-time embedded systems to the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division of NRL for a suite of radar monitoring and measuring systems. These systems support critical fleet operations in a variety of configurations, and are constantly being improved to provide superior tactical visibility in hostile environments.

Contributing to miniaturization of the UYX-3 system using Ixthos CHAMP-AV computers and NRL developed A to D Converters:

  • Using Altivec technology in the PPC 7400 to provide real-time Digital Signal Processing in a smaller footprint
  • Embedded system orchestrates data handling and user control/status while allowing easy modification to accommodate improved processing techniques
  • Ongoing enhancements to Windows-based GUI continue to increase the value and utility of these systems to military personnel

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