The Space Business is Booming in Colorado

Jay Polk , Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter, jay.polk@krdo.com,  06:43 PM MDT Apr 14, 2015


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – The floor is full at the 31st Annual Space Symposium. Companies from all over the world are in town to show off their products.

And many of those global giants have operations right here in Colorado Springs.”That is a space control segment for us.  And we also have folks at Schriever,” said Lori Thompson.Thompson is the Vice President of Geospatial Systems for Exelis.  It’s one of the larger companies at the Symposium.”Colorado is home for about 800 employees for Exelis,” she said.Smaller firms like Braxton Technologies are here too.  So what do they do?”We are currently supporting the GPS system through the Air Force,” said Tyler Goudie.They represent another dot on the map of space based businesses in Colorado Springs.

The job of promoting Colorado Springs as a great place to do space business falls to the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance (RBA).To try to get businesses to come to the Pikes Peak Region they’ve put up a booth at the Space Symposium – a booth that seemed to be drawing quite a bit of traffic.According to the RBA, the prospects for the future are good.”What we’re actually seeing is some growth around the commercial space sector,” said Andrew Merritt, the chief defense industry officer for the RBA.

The state of Colorado has also invested heavily in the space business race.Jay Lindell from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade said, “the Governor has recently held an aerospace conference with our congressional delegation to assure that we’re all aligned to support the issued that need to be supported.Because it’s the companies that are at the Space Symposium this week that will make up the economy of the future.

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