BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Intelsat General Corp. (IGC) is one of four companies awarded a contract by the United States Air Force (USAF) to study the viability of using commercial facilities and operations expertise for the tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) of government satellites.

The goal of the contract, known as the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) Commercial Provisioning (CP) study, is to provide USAF Space Command with a detailed plan for leveraging commercial TT&C facilities and capabilities to substantially reduce operations and maintenance costs while enabling the government to meet national security space objectives and warfighter operational needs. The USAF has stated that a future space concept of operations could include a mix of government and commercial command and control networks.

“It is the objective of this study to determine possible methods of transitioning this requirement to the commercial sector to achieve cost efficiencies in the new budgetary environment,” said Kay Sears, President of Intelsat General. “Intelsat, with global operations that span over 400 antennas and that achieve 99.99% availability, has demonstrated that we can provide our customers with more cost efficient operations without sacrificing innovation, resiliency, quality or security.”

The AFSCN currently controls government satellites using 15 ground-based TT&C antennas at 7 locations around the world staffed by a mix of military personnel and private contractors.

In performing the study, Intelsat General will partner with Braxton Technologies, a company based in Colorado Springs, CO, with more than 20 years experience delivering TT&C systems to the USAF for its satellite control systems. Braxton is currently working on contracts from the Air Force Research Lab related to AFSCN scheduling improvements and portable test equipment.

“The commercial marketplace has driven the costs for a ground TT&C antenna architecture to less than 1/5th of what it costs the Air Force to operate the AFSCN today. Partnering with IGC, we can offer a robust, secure network at a far greater capability, with extreme reliability at significantly less cost,” said Frank Backes, CEO of Braxton Technologies.

The study, to be completed within 90 days, will outline a plan of how the TT&C functions of government satellites could be passed over to commercial companies over a two to five year period.

About Intelsat General Corp.

Intelsat General provides satellite communications solutions to military, commercial and government customers over Intelsat’s fleet of approximately 50 satellites and a global terrestrial network of teleports and fiber infrastructure. Intelsat General also offers these customers the option of placing a dedicated hosted communications payload aboard an Intelsat satellite. From remote military outposts, disaster recovery sites and U.S. embassies to health and homeland security agencies, Intelsat General’s solutions support even the most complex operations, from routine to mission critical, anywhere on the globe. These solutions address the numerous communications challenges inherent in a wide range of applications. From Airborne ISR/UAV scenarios to Distance Learning to Logistics, Intelsat General engineers can enhance government, military and commercial communications to allow customers to achieve their mission objectives.

Based in Bethesda, MD, Intelsat General is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat S.A, the world’s largest and most experienced provider of fixed and mobile satellite services for many of the world’s leading media and network companies, ISPs and government

About Braxton Technologies

Braxton Technologies, headquartered in downtown Colorado Springs, is strategically focused on command and control mission systems sustainment, mission unique development, targeted corporate acquisitions, and product research and development for their ACE Premierâ„¢ product line of configurable C2 applications, simulators, and certified and accredited cross domain solutions.

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