The latest GPS IIR-M satellite was successfully launched on October 17th 2007 using the new Launch/Early Orbit, Anomaly Resolution, Disposal, and Operations (LADO) System. This milestone ensures that the GPS program continues to provide superior space based navigation using industry leading technology. This significant achievement is the culmination of outstanding teamwork efforts between the U.S. Air Force, Braxton Technologies Inc., the engineering firm that designed the groundbreaking technology, and The Boeing Company, the prime contractor.

The LADO System and Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP) System form the backbone of the new GPS Command and Control functionality implemented by Boeing. LADO is now the primary launch system for all current and future (IIR-M and IIF) satellites allowing the U.S. Air Force to retire the legacy GPS ground systems.

The LADO system, developed by Braxton Technologies under subcontract to Boeing, is based on their ACE Premier™ architecture. The ACE Premier™ architecture was selected by the Air Force to replace the outdated Legacy mainframe-based system with a modern distributed system capable of meeting the requirements of a complex multi-family satellite constellation. The GPS LADO system is deployed in both the primary 50th Space Wing Space Operations Centers (SOC) and the Backup SOC at Schriever AFB, Colorado.

“The successful launch of this GPS IIR satellite and the operational acceptance of the GPS LADO system is proof that Commercial Software can be deployed effectively in a mission critical system saving the government both cost and schedule without sacrificing mission unique capabilities,” said Frank Backes, CEO of Braxton Technologies Inc.

Braxton Technologies Inc., under subcontract to Boeing, is now preparing for the next delivery of LADO which will support the GPS Block IIF satellites from launch through their operational life and disposal.

About Braxton Technologies Inc.
Braxton Technologies Inc. provides complete satellite command and control for both single satellite missions and large complex satellite constellations. The capabilities include: Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding for Satellites, Ground Systems, and Weapon Systems; Mission Planning for Maneuver Planning, Scheduling, Orbit Determination, and Attitude Determination; Simulation of Satellites, Satellite Constellations, Ground Systems, Flight Environments, Space Environments, and Weapon Systems.

Braxton Technologies’ ACE Premier™ Framework provides an infrastructure of configurable applications, tools, and simulators that dramatically reduce cost and accelerates the development and deployment of command and control systems. Braxton Technologies also offers consulting services, engineering support and training on all products. Products and services are available on our GSA contract. The company has offices in Pleasanton, California; Melbourne, Florida; and Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information on Braxton Technologies Inc., visit us at