The O’Neil Group Company today announced the acquisition of Braxton Technologies Inc. The new company will operate as Braxton Technologies, LLC, and will continue to deliver products, engineering, operations and maintenance for development, deployment, and sustainment of command and control systems. The O’Neil Group Company is a Colorado Springs-based corporation specializing in strategic acquisitions and services.

Braxton was started in 1994 by Bill Simpson, a software and hardware design engineer, and his wife, Loraine Simpson, an engineer and business professional. “In the early years, we filled a need for specialized weapon system command and control,” Bill recounts. “After that initial success, we focused on building an integrated commercial command and control product line for use in both satellite and weapons control applications. To give our customers best value, we build our systems using a standardized core architecture and custom elements that can be tailored for reuse in future command and control systems. From this fundamental philosophy, our ACE Premier™ suite of products was born.”

New owner, Kevin O’Neil, recognized the value of this approach immediately. “Braxton’s position as a savvy commercial products developer, engineering services provider and custom designer made it an ideal initial corporate base on which to build a Colorado-centered aerospace powerhouse. The sky’s the limit for this company.”

CEO, Frank Backes, agrees. “Braxton now has the financial strength to expand the market created by the success of our products and services,” he points out. “Braxton intends to grow our position through expanding current business, winning new business and acquiring complementary businesses.”

Braxton Technologies, LLC, offers a wide variety of products and professional services for government and commercial applications. The Global Positioning System (GPS) Program’s launch, early-orbit, operations, and disposal command and control functions are currently performed by Braxton’s ACE Premier™ product suite. The ACE Premier™ architectural framework provides an infrastructure of configurable applications, tools, and simulators that dramatically reduce cost and accelerate deployment of command and control systems. Braxton’s products and services are GSA-listed.

The corporate headquarters for Braxton Technologies, LLC, is Colorado Springs, Colorado, with offices in Pleasanton, California, and Melbourne, Florida, as well as multiple on-site support locations.