Braxton Technologies, LLC today confirmed it is part of the Raytheon Company-led team that has been awarded the U.S. Air Force contract for the Global Positioning System (GPS) advanced control segment (OCX), the new ground system for the critical GPS satellite constellation. This contract will continue the Raytheon Team’s initial achievements from the down-select contract, also known as Phase A, into full GPS OCX development, deployment and sustainment.

The OCX program will revolutionize GPS operations. The new control system will focus on transformational military and civil requirements worldwide, including advanced anti-jam capabilities, improved system security, expanded accuracy, and increased reliability. GPS OCX will fully support GPS III and legacy GPS satellites, and will be based on a modern service-oriented architecture that integrates government and industry open system standards.

In addition to the new contract, Braxton supplies the commercial command and control (C2) products that form the heart of the GPS Launch/Early Orbit, Anomaly Resolution and Disposal Operations (GPS LADO) system that has controlled the launches of all GPS satellites launched since October 2007.

Braxton GPS OCX Program Manager, Jeroen “Dutch” Heuzen, puts it all into perspective. “To Braxton, our customer’s mission always comes first,” he points out. “We have made this the primary focus of our GPS LADO work for almost a decade, and we relish the opportunity to bring the same focus and enthusiasm to the Raytheon GPS OCX Team and its U.S. Air Force customer.”

CEO, Frank Backes, agrees. “GPS has become the heartbeat of the planet, and Braxton commits to offering next-generation architectures and state-of-the-need products to continue GPS success. The confidence placed in us by Raytheon and the Air Force serves as a foundation for Braxton to continue our investment in command and control systems capable of meeting the extensive needs of our diverse customer base.”

Braxton is scheduled to begin GPS OCX work immediately at Raytheon’s Aurora, Colo. facility and supporting locations.

About Braxton Technologies

Braxton Technologies, LLC provides products and professional services for government and commercial missions. Braxton’s ACE Premier™ product suite includes tailorable applications, tools, and simulators that dramatically reduce risk and accelerate deployment of command and control systems. Braxton is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo.