Braxton Technologies, LLC today announced the integration of its industry-leading ACE Premier™ command and control (C2) product suite Front End Processor (FEP) with AMERGINT Technologies, LLC softFEP™. This integration ensures seamless interface of the Braxton AceFEP and the latest Air Force Cryptologic Systems Group (CPSG) IP-based satellite ground station cryptographic device, the KS-252. The new KS-252 Ground Operating Equipment is slated for use on space vehicle and ground segment programs for which ACE Premier™ is well-positioned. The KS-252 crypto significantly reduces design complexity and cost for new and modernized command and control systems while maintaining data security and integrity.

“Braxton continues its legacy of incorporating the latest technology into our ACE Premier™ product line, thereby providing our customers with low-risk, cost-effective solutions to their urgent mission needs,” Ken O’Neil, Braxton Chief Operating Officer, explains. “The AMERGINT softFEP™ software-based solution is proven with the KS-252 and integrates seamlessly with ACE Premier™ and AceFEP. The fact that it is an all-software implementation allows us to offer our customers a system with higher mean time between failure (MTBF) than a traditional hardware-based approach.”

Skip Chang, AMERGINT Product Manager for softFEP™, agrees, “We are extremely pleased that Braxton selected our softFEP™ product after thoroughly evaluating all possible industry solutions. It validates the flexible software approach we are taking to front-end processing functions.”

About Braxton Technologies

Braxton Technologies, LLC provides products and professional services for government and commercial missions. Braxton’s ACE Premier™ product suite includes tailorable applications, tools, and simulators that dramatically reduce risk and accelerate deployment of command and control systems. Braxton is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

About AMERGINT Technologies

AMERGINT Technologies, LLC provides software products for government and commercial customers involved with signal processing. The softFEP™ product suite includes typical ground station front-end functions for signal processing, recording, frame processing, crypto and network interface. AMERGINT also provides Test Executor™ to assist customers in the efficient test and deployment of signal processing systems. AMERGINT is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.