YOUR MISSION. YOUR SCHEDULE. YOUR PARTNER. Braxton was one of 37 co-sponsors for the 7,500+ participants who attended the 25th National Space Symposium.

Braxton showcased the ACE Premier™ Product Suite integrated with a six foot robotic spy satellite. Visitors used Braxton’s ControlPoint™ to command the spy satellite from a launch parking orbit and prepare it for operations. Some actions taken included: de-spin from 50 RPM to 1.5 RPM; deploy solar arrays, and perform SEAS (Sun Earth Acquisition Sequence). After the satellite was released to operations, the visitor switched seats and used ControlPoint™ with native plug-in technology to perform payload commanding of the spy camera. Hundreds had the opportunity to interface with the same COTS software that is used in production today on multiple programs for launch and early orbit commanding, mission operations, and disposal operations.


The multi-satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) constellations and the Self-Awareness Space Situation Awareness (SASSA) demonstration payload have something in common: Braxton ACE Premier™ command and control system. With 80% commercial-off-the-shelf and 20% custom interfaces, the solution to your mission needs is within your reach.


Responsiveness is not so easy to find these days. With Braxton, however, there is no question. Responsiveness is our culture. From fielding the ground system that won the Center for Research Support (CERES) fly-off in 60 days, to our recent GPS Operational Control System (OCX) Mission Capabilities Engineering Model (MCEM) demonstration within a year, Braxton delivers when and how you need it.


Government or commercial. Large company or small. US or international. We understand the value of working together, of commitment and trust. If you have a hot project, we’ll help you meet your deadlines. If you need a complex system to handle tough requirements, you can count on us to deliver. If you are looking for new ideas, we’ll put some of the best minds in the aerospace industry to work for you.
National Space Symposium:

The 25th National Space Symposium is where space industry executives will launch The Next Space Age with their colleagues and customers — in just four days, in just one place. With the first half-century of the space age behind us and the industry changing on a global scale, now is the perfect moment to look seriously at the coming 50 years, or The Next Space Age. The industry is mature and global; more space-faring nations are on the rise; the age of space access for everyone is rapidly approaching; and the U.S. will have a new administration and Congress. All these factors set the tone for The Next Space Age, which begins at the 25th National Space Symposium.
For 25 years, the National Space Symposium has served as the premier industry event and the must attend opportunity. This stellar event will draw the most senior executive leadership from all sectors of the space community. More than 7,500 total participants are expected at the silver anniversary of the National Space Symposium. You can’t afford to miss it!