Raytheon Co. has completed the integrated baseline review (IBR) and the standard Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) appraisal method for process improvement (SCAMPI-B) for the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation GPS Control Segment (OCX).

Raytheon is one of two companies, the other being Northrop Grumman, that are under 18-month, Phase A contracts to perform systems engineering and integration; architecture design; communications and network engineering; information assurance and security; modeling and simulation; network management; software development; support, maintenance and implementation; and test and evaluation for OCX. The Air Force plans to choose one company next year to continue the program through development, deployment and sustainment in Phase B. The government uses SCAMPI appraisals to identify strengths and weaknesses of software, engineering, and management processes and to reveal acquisition development risks for corrective action.

The IBR validated the Raytheon OCX team’s earned value management system, established the credibility of the technical, schedule and cost baselines, and developed a mutual understanding of program risks, according to Raytheon. The SCAMPI-B involved a systematic appraisal of the Raytheon OCX team’s processes and the maturity level of the team executing these processes, the company said.

Raytheon’s OCX team includes members from Boeing, ITT Industries, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Braxton Technologies, Infinity Systems Engineering ,and SRI International. Raytheon achieved the first milestone for the OCX program, satisfying the Air Force’s System Requirement Review criteria, in February.