Satellite imagery is exciting because of the tremendous amount of untapped opportunity that exists today and will remain until we can see every inch of the globe. There are so many more ways to provide transparency and to better characterize activity on our planet. Skybox Imaging, a Silicon Valley startup, gets to handle tremendous quantities of data and extract interesting patterns from that information in order to derive insight about our planet and ultimately impact humanity.

Timely satellite imagery should be able to inform daily lives and decision-making cycles of consumers, businesses and governments across our planet. While GPS has the ability to determine an object’s location at any time, satellite imagery holds the promise to reveal the context of any place on Earth at any time.

For example, Skybox Imaging envisions the most up-to-date mapping product that can allow people to determine the number of cars in parking lots and at retail locations. Business owners can monitor their worldwide facilities, understand the environmental impact of those facilities and oversee their security. Government agencies can use our product to view images alongside borders, helping them better understand conflict.

On a broader scale, Skybox is driving the demand in other areas of the satellite industry, which will hopefully mean more affordable launches and better business opportunities for us all.